On a Christmas day, long ago, 3 brothers awoke with anticipation and the promise of new skateboards. This would be the most amazing feat ever performed as finances assured the impossibility. Packages too small to wrap a full size board were opened to reveal 3 fingerboards and a half pipe. Hours turned to weeks, to months, to years, into a bad habit at work and now into a company. Thanks Mom, for the best gift ever... other than life. A tremendous thanks to everyone below for your involvement, willing or not. Those who push me, challenge me and who let me go in pursuit of my dreams. -J CREDITS Team Ken Higa G. Tim Johannson Joe De Los Santos Tim Mossa Travis Domagala Angel Rodriguez Daniel Atkinson Alexis Ramayo Team Alumni Spencer Blaufuss Mark Rodovskiy Geraldine Miline Linda Nomak Tamara Cakic Travis Dixon Pontus Norberg Julien Pattison- Blouin Adam Stibal Companies (and the people behind them) Jim @NFB Molds Martin Beckmann & FingerboardASI Berlin Philippe and Christophe @Yellowood® Blackriver® Jessup Manufacturing Maze Fingerboards 5 Luck Fingerboards Pete & The NORwood Project Flatface Fingerboards BREC Parks Tech Deck® Finga Fingerboards Tamshel MCAD Technologies Renegade FB Subliminal FB This Denver Teak Tuning Level Up BoardLife Factory skate shop Middlestate Coffee BeastPants Blaklist Lakewood Shred Magazine Galo Fingerboards LAFB OG Fingers Sorry For Fingerboarding Berlinwood Redemption Fingerboards Winkler Wheels Skowood Darkmatter Fingerboard Connoisseur Tricky Fingerboards The ZooKrew Fingerboards Yubi Ramps Idle FB Level Ledges The ProFB Shop Wicked FB LL Decks Stay Tooned FB Pop Decks Fingercan NPR Crete South Park Rec Center Reno @Urban 9 Skateshop Suke Lee - MCAD Technologies Joel Quizon - MCAD Technologies Fred Zobel- MCAD Technologies Rendert & Emily - Ionic Models Glen C. - Machinist Chad Shaw @bouncemedia NPB Nick & Staff - High Country Healing Mike @THIS City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana The state of Colorado - the perfect environment for such notions The International Fingerboard Community People Emily Levine Connie Rentz Aylin Tahaoglu Anne & Bernhard Nollmeyer Ryan Anderson - trademarks, Larson & Anderson LLC Steve Sloss Lance Mountain Tony Hawk Brendon “Bacon” Crowley Brandon (Doog) MacDougal The COlective Gene Senges Kerry Williams Chris Culotta Avery Davidson John Guidry Walter Mather Jason Hoggatt Clark Derbis Justin Hullinghorst Rick Martin Griffen Landry Evan Kuzava Ramon Angelow Martin Ehrenberger Tanner James Brainard Gabriel Adams Dave Clanton Darren Stanford Jonathan Mozer Mark Waite Kathy Fabre Michael Mulkey Joe and Rose Levine Jacob Hadden Kirk Heath The entire family at WBRZ Vail Reservations Department Special thanks Arthur Fabre (Jedi Master) and Kathy Fabre for providing the space and support during a critical growth period.

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